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Kerry Lord - Founder of TOFT and Edward's Menagerie

Kerry Lord grew up on her parents' farm, Toft Alpaca Stud, and in September 2006 she took the first steps towards running a business of her own and the Toft Alpaca Shop yarn brand, now known simply as TOFT, was launched. But it wasn't until several years later when she fell pregnant with her first child that Kerry decided she wanted to learn to crochet. She started making an elephant for her baby (Bridget the Elephant, to be specific!) and in 2012 Edward's Menagerie was born…

In the five years since Edward's Menagerie was first released as an eBook, Kerry Lord has published four crochet books filled with her own easy-to-follow designs. These include Edward's MenagerieEdward's Menagerie: BIRDS, Edward's Imaginarium and Edward's Emporium. Designed to get more people into crochet, the characters found in these books will often have their own back story alongside patterns which follow a standard form that makes it easy for beginners and experienced crafters alike to enjoy.

Kerry has designed all of her creations to be made in TOFT's super soft luxurious 100% wool yarn, which is sourced and manufactured in the UK to an extremely high quality standard. A selection of the best-selling kits can be found all over the world, from John Lewis and independent yarn shops in the UK to stores in Australia, the USA and across Europe.